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Ellenville, NY, is in Ulster County, to the west of the Hudson River. Ellenville is within the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, but is also part of the Catskills region. It falls along the 88-mile Shawangunk Mountains Scenic Byway, and is located in the Rondout Valley. There are a number of ways of getting here…



Two Coach USA buses arrive in and leave Ellenville daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. From NYC, the bus leaves from Port Authority and arrives at Liberty Square in the center of Ellenville. This is where you will also get the bus to return to NYC. The journey time is approximately 2 – 2.5 hours long depending on the traffic.


Fancy flying in for lunch whilst taking in the spectacular views of the Roundout Valley, Shawangunk Ridge, and the Catskill Mountains? Then file that flight-plan and get on the glide-path to Joseph Y. Resnick Airport, located approximately 1.7 miles from the center of Ellenville. It is a public, non-towered airfield suitable for light aircraft.

FAA Identifier: N89

AirNav Airport Information

SkyVector Online Sectional Map  (Enter N89 in the search field)


Once you arrive in Ellenville we have two taxi services available that are next door to one another.


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